Cross-section of private forests in the Republic of Srpska

  • Duško Topić Association of private forest owners "NAŠA ŠUMA"
  • Dubravka Kršić Association of private forest owners "NAŠA ŠUMA"
Keywords: state of, private forests, state forests, comparative situation


Forests owned by private individuals (private forests), during the administrative – socialist management of the economy and natural resources, have been treated as a “stepchild” of the state, which could fit into the ideological denial of all that was private. The same method of treatment of private forests was continuing after the nineties of the last century, which was “supported” by the war and social difficulties that pushed private forests completely to the margins in professional and social aspects. This paper presents a cross-section of the current state of private forests (area, volume, volume increment) in the Republic of Srpska based on data from the available planning documents (current forest management plans), as well as cross-section of the obtained results of II state forest inventory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, in this paper we have compared state of private forests and the state-owned forests of the Republic of Srpska. The aim of this paper is to show the real situation of private forests in the Republic of Srpska, and also the status of private forests in relation to the state forests.

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