Adaptivity of alochtonous woody plants in the city park in Doboj (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  • Ljubica Lukač PFE "Šume Republike Srpske", Centar za sjemensko-rasadničku proizvodnju, Nikole Pašića 41, 74000 Doboj, Bosnia i Herzegovina; email:
Keywords: alochtonous species, adaptivity, Bosnia and Herzegovina, city park, Doboj, green area, Republic of Srpska, shrubs, trees, woody species


This paper presents results of the research on adaptivity of alochtonous species of trees and shrubs in the conditions of the city park in Doboj. Data were gathered in the field from June 2011 to Novembar 2012. Taxative elements, values of vitality and decorativeness, and other important elements were gathered. Results show which species are and wich are not well adapted on the environmental conditions of the city park in Doboj. Possible reasons for the poor evaluation of some species were given, as well as proposition of the measures to be done when introducing alochtonous woody species in the future.

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