Biometric characteristics of the brown bear population (Ursus arctos L. 1852) in BiH, with respect to the parameters of the brown bear trophy values

  • Radoslav Bosiljčić Silvawest, Canada; email:
Keywords: Brown bear (Ursus arctos), biometric characteristics, the brown bear trophies


The results of the many years’ of research on the biometric characteristics of the population of the brown bear in BiH (Ursus arctos, L. 1852), have been adjusted for the needs of this work with the intention to help the hunting managers in reaching their goals, in essence finding prized bear trophies. The measurements done on skulls-length/width (42 male and 32 female skulls), furs-length/width (26 male and 16 female), front feet-width (28 male and 16 female), hind feetlength/width (26 male and 16 female) weights (49 male weights and 31 female weights), pubic sex bones of males-length (30), and age (42 male and 32 female) are an attempt to find values which will help managers, in their management of the bear population, to count on sure measurements in comparison to previous practice of the hunting ground management, with the help of the samples of a domestic bear population. It is obvious from the results that the male sample of the bear population, of the age of 11 years, guarantee a golden medal trophy (skull 55 points and fur 300 points), while females, of the age of 8 years, are under the value of the bronze medal (skull 51 points and fur 250 points).

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