Nectria species in the beech forsts in the area of Prnjavor

  • Božana Lepir G. Mravica bb, 78430 Prnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovina; email:
Keywords: beech, Nectria sp., Prnjavor


Beech is the most widely distributed tree species in the Republika Srpska, but wider use of beech wood is limited by its durability. Beech wood is an excellent medium for the development of many parasitic and saprophytic fungi. Particularly great damages on living trees in beech forests in Prnjavor are caused by Nectria species. Nectria species together with insect Cryptococcus fagisuga caused disease known as “beech bark disease”. This disease is, in most cases, cause of beech mortality. Following Nectria species were identified in this research: Nectria coccinea, Nectria galligena and Nectria ditissima. This fungi were present on 231 out of 346 examined trees. Besides Nectria species significant damages on beech in this area are also caused by mutual attack of Nectria and Phytophthora fungi.

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