Tendency in change of wood supply and volume increment in Sokolac forest-economic region

  • Vojislav Dukić University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Forestry, S. Stepanovića 75A, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina; email: vojislav.dukic@sf.unibl.org
Keywords: wood supply, diameter increment, stand diameter structure, qualitative stand structure


This paper presents the results of the research which dealt with tendency in change of wood supply and volume increment in high forests with natural reforestation in Sokolac forest-economic region. The main goal was to determine the change within the diameter structure and stand qualitative structure. We used data from three forest-economic regions and data taken from inventory of Bosnia and Herzegovina forests. Estimation of forests and other measurements taken in the field needed for the first stage of research were conducted in 1971, the second stage activities continued in 1981 and the final stage activities were conducted during 2001. This research embraced the period of 30 years. Comparative methods, methods of data analysis and data synthesis which are contained in forest-economic stages were used. According to the results we got we can conclude that there wasn't any significant change in supply or increment during the last thirty years, but there were some significant changes within the stand diameter structure. This negative tendency should be stopped by applying the appropriate management systems.

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