The analysis of half-sib offspring of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) in the third and the fourth year of age

  • Dalibor Ballian University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Forestry, Zagrebačka 20, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia i Herzegovina; email:
Keywords: Abies alba Mill., Silver fir, seedlings, girth, height, lateral shoots, variability, heritance


In “Busovača” nursery, measurements of three and four years old Silver fi r (Abies alba Mill.) seedlings has been taken. At half-relative girth above root neck, height of seedlings, number of lateral shoots and relation between height and girth above root neck has been analysed. Seedlings have been raised in containers with 33 holes (Grahoplast). At the end of third and fourth vegetation period, measurements have been taken. Also we found that seedlings have a good quality, and that for analysed characteristics, intropopulation variability exists as well as for variability between populations. Heritance has been assessed from wider point of view, and results are relatively small. Size of relation of girth and height of seedlings, showed also that variability between and inside populations exists, and those seedlings lose quality if keeping in container lasts longer.

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