Conservation and tourism in protected areas

  • Nenad Stojanović Kozara National Park; email:
Keywords: protected areas, conservation, tourism


Natural resources are more often being endangered and therefore certain areas are selected out to be put under the protection. Areas which have already been selected or, are being selected out for the protection, on the basis of certain characteristics these areas had, were classifi ed into one of the groups of natural objects (natural park, nature reserve, nature heritage, park of nature, etc). General reason to initiate protected areas is conservation of some type of biophysical process or conditions, such as: wildlife population, environment, natural landscapes and cultural and historical values like cultural tradition of the community. Tourists come to these protected areas in order to understand and learn to appreciate the values these areas have been protected for, and to gain new experience. Tourism income of popular protected areas can be used to fi nance other areas which cannot attract so many tourists, or where a great number of visitors could jeopardise basic reasons for initiating that certain area. Incomes which come from conservation, may in fact be larger than those of coming from other ways of protected areas utilisation. Managers who are in charge of protected areas should aim to develop tourist resort possibilities supporting a long-term economic development and to encourage tourists to come again. Besides, the interest of local community ought to be brought at maximum level, e.g. employment, social and cultural benefi ts through tourist expenditures and local companies engagement.

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