Beech with yellow leaves in the Republic of Srpska, a significant natural rarity

  • Mihailo Tošić Dimitrija Tucovića 41, 31000 Užice, Serbia
Keywords: beech with yellow leaves, Republic of Srpska


A beech with yellow leaves has been newly found in the vicinity of Kotor Varoš in the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). It is a signifi cant natural rarity in the entire natural range of beech. It has highly valuable properties, so it can be applied in the production of ornamental seedlings for horticultural purposes. By its morphological and physiological characters it differs from the similar variety of beech Fagus moesiaca (K. Maly) Czecz. var. aurea Obradović, found the vicinity of Vranje in Serbia, so it is described as the new variety of Fagus silvatica L. var. luteofolia Tošić.

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