Certification on forests from the aspect of multiple purpose using of resources and space in the “Pale’s” forest economic area

  • Slavko Kujundžić Pale Municipality, Administrative Department; email: kujundzicdd@paleol.net
Keywords: certification of forests, indicators, sustainable management


Certification of the forests is а generally accepted and volunatary process at the global level. It has the aim to raise the ecological awareness of the employed workers of the forest managers, the local people, economic organizations and different target groups which perform the economic activity within the same area or use generally usuful functions of forests and forest soil. While using the economic and generally useful functions of forests, other resources and area are possible different conflicts. This work should give an answer which are the localities of interests and economic organizations in the '' Pale's'' forest economic area from the aspect of resources which manage and govem, that is how to reduce conflicts between diffemt users. Also, it should bе given the survey of localities and rosources of the different target groups who use the genrally useful functions of forests. The proposed localities from the aspect of multiple purpose using of resources and space sholud bе equally, constructively, objectively bе considered bу the Enterprise in the interest of protection of reosurces and reducing the conflicts in the area.

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