Influence of site altitude on frequency of fir broom rust (Melampsorella caryophyllacearum Schroet) on european silver fir (Abies alba Mill.), in the mount Kozara

  • Nataša Stanivuković
Keywords: Abies alba, Melampsorella caryophyllacearum, European silver fir,, Fir broom rust, fir tree dying


European silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) is the most important type of coniferous tree in the Republic of Srpska. This species is largely affected by various adverse factors, of biotic and abiotic nature, not only here but also in the whole Europe. One of the important factors that have a significant impact on the vitality of the European silver fir is Melampsorella cariophyllacearum. Research for this work was performed at different altitudes in the beech and fir forest type (Abieti-Fagetum), in the area on Mount Kozara, in the western part of Republic of Srpska. The different parameters of symptoms of Melampsorella cariophyllacearum are studied: number of trees cancer thickening, thickening of the branches, the amount of thickening phenomena, the percentage of the affected fir trunk and the number of cancers per altitudes.

Original Scientific Papers