Phytocoenological and ecological characteristics of forests in the Vitoroga region of the Republic of Srpska

  • Mirko Šebez PFE "Šume Republike Srpske", Forestry Enterprise "Mosor" Kupres
  • Zoran Govedar University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Forestry, S. Stepanovića 75A, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina; email:
Keywords: soil, Vitoroga, floristic composition, research


Researches for this scientific study has been performed in the forests in the Vitoroga region of the Republic of Srpska. The paper presents a forest land and ekolological characteristics. They included 9 stands at the altitudes from 1190 to 1685 meters. Geological base consists of limestone and the soiltypes are kalkomelanosol, kalkokambisol and luvisol. The researched stands belong to the habitations of Abieti–Piceetum subalpinum, Piceo–Abieti–Fagetum Čol. 1965, Piceetum–Abietis montanum Ht.1967 and Sorbo–Piceetum subalpinum Fuk. 1964.

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